Fiber Art with a Passion for Planet, Peace & People

Wildflowers & Charolais has had quite the journey to this point. It started out as a way for me to make money in college, honestly. I called it "Making With Texas" and used my love of crafting to repurpose materials from around the state, including wood from fences that Hurricane Harvey blew down to barbed wire from a dilapidated fence on my Grandpa's ranch. Out of necessity grew a love for creativity and entrepreneurship. It's also how I discovered the art of macrame. 
Over time, Making With Texas became Wildflowers & Charolais, a brand I created for my favorite craft: macrame. As I say on my home page: The name comes from two beautiful members of nature: wildflowers that grow freely and Charolais cattle. Wildflowers are free with no obligations to anyone about when or where they grow. Charolais (besides being fun to say) are beautiful, stoic creatures who are gentle and just want to do their thing, until you mess with them. Then you learn that they are nothing to mess with.


Hannah Janssen

So far this entire site has been written in the first person, so I suppose my bio can be, too. Hi there! I'm Hannah, and I am the founder and artist behind Wildflowers and Charolais. 

A wild rose, hippie, and rebel by heart, I have used fiber art as a way to create a space that fit me. There is such a lack of authenticity in the world that nothing felt right in my personal space, until I made the pieces myself. 

I have always been "crafty," hence the creation of my original business in college, but have definitely grown since then in both my skillset and purpose. Now, my creative energy has been directed towards creating pieces that actually mean something.

Outside of Wildflowers & Charolais, I write (working on a book right now!), read, DIY all the things, travel to all the places, and get outside as much as possible. I'm a corgi mom, Aries Sun, and Texas native.