Do-It-Yourself Repurposed Light Fixtures

This post was born out of a desperate situation. My dining room table light shade fell off one day and was a soup sandwich. I tried to put it back on, but honestly, it wasn’t even put in correctly to begin with.

The joys of RV living.

Just kidding (kind of)-- I wouldn't trade my situation! I love the RV life. Sometimes, though, there are just some repair and design issues that homeowners or apartment dwellers don't deal with.

But I digress.

Because of how stupid the original lightshade was, I didn’t even continue to mess with it. Instead, I made my own light fixture. I decided to use a metal crate:

Also please note that this picture was taken years before I remodeled the inside of my place.

The picture is complete trash, but it's my OG crate light.

As a self-proclaimed DIY queen who loves the planet, I got to thinking about all the other ways I could've remedied my situation.

Here are some of my ideas for light fixtures that you can make yourself (and that give other objects a second use!):


Stick a crate around a bulb and attach it with color-corresponding wire or chain. This one (that I found on Pinterest!!!) uses a pulley. How cool is that?


Cut a hole in the bottom of the basket and run your bulb and wire through it from the bottom. Make sure the bulb doesn’t give off heat!! We don’t need to have a bonfire at supper.

The first time I saw this was on HGTV’s Home Town. I found this one from

Bed Spring

Same concept as the basket: run the wire through the smaller part of the spring and attach the bulb through the big part. I saw this at a store at the Stockyards in Fort Worth and lost my mind. I loved this I saw on Pinterest:

Can you tell I love Pinterest?

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