Insert Catchy Title... I just want to say hi.

Hi there! Thank you for finding Wildflowers & Charolais. W+C is the brand behind my art. I create fiber art (mostly macrame) with a passion for planet, peace, and people. You can learn more about that here!

This post is to introduce the blog, specifically, not so much the company. It's short and sweet and gives people something to read when they visit. So.

I have always been a writer to an extent. When I was in high school I was a journalist for the county newspaper, covering football. When I went to college, I initially majored in journalism before switching over to advertising. While in college, I wrote for Listverse, my hometown paper, and my own blog on the original W+C site. Now, I am a regular contributor to Backpack Languages, am writing my own book, and have been strenuously pitching ideas to Cosmopolitan, Bustle and others.

Despite my ambitions outside of W+C, this will always be my baby. It's the ultimate creative outlet.

Here I write about creativity, my philosophies on creating and tapping into your imagination, specific how-to projects, custom pieces, project backstories, and flipping junk into creative decor.

The goal is to inspire you to tap into your own creative energy. We're all imaginative and creative, so if I can bring that out in you, then I will consider this blog a success.

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