Make Gift-Wrapping Personal This Year

Updated: Jan 2

This year has been weird. No one has liked it, at all, but fortunately we have made it to one of the happiest times of year: Christmas, Yuletide, Hanukkah… we all have reasons to be joyful.

Giving gifts is such an important part of this holiday season, and perhaps this year more than ever, these gifts ought to be as personal as possible. That’s why I’ve aggregated a few ideas for how to wrap your gifts in unique and memorable ways.


This is so cheap, especially if you’re one of those (or has family or friends, i.e. grandparents) that subscribes or buys your local newspaper. It’s economical, unique, adorable, and perfect for the old-school bibliophile you love.

Fabric or Canvas

Rather than using paper that the recipient of your gift probably won’t recycle, opt for something they can reuse. Wrap your gifts in fabric and ribbon. It significantly reduces Christmas Day trash and allows your gift to stand out.

Splatter Paint:

Wrap it in paper (plain white or brown or what have you) and take a paint brush and flick some paint splatters on it. It’s whimsical and simple (and recyclable.)

I think we've earned intimacy after the year we have had. In every gift and conversation, infuse yourself and absorb the other person as fully and deeply as possible. Drown yourself in the love and company of others.

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