To Embrace the Trends or Not: The Ultimate Design Debate

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece about trending interior color palettes for the year.

I had some qualms with that.

So... I do think that it's important to have your finger on what's trending in your industry. Wildflowers & Charolais is primarily about fiber art that is used in interiors, so as an artist, I am interested in what's "trending." It's also somewhat of my responsibility.

Then again, does it really matter?

I mean really. Does it really matter what color palette is trending, which decade is making a comeback, and which texture your couch should be? If your personal taste creates a perfect space in which you feel happy, safe, inspired, and healthy then why would you go with what someone in a magazine says to do?

Then again, what if being on trend is what you want to do, that's totally your prerogative. Embracing and implementing the current styles, fashions, and tastes is probably the ultimate way to be in the "now." Think about how often you've heard your parents smile and reminisce on the striped couch they had in the '90s. It was ugly as hell, but that was the trend.

It's part of living in your moment, being a part of your time.

Until the time is gone.

Then you're just left with you and your preferences.

So which do you go with?

Is it really a choice, or is taste an evolution?

Am I thinking too hard about this?

Probably so; however, as someone who loves colors, patterns, and creating beautiful, supportive spaces, these are the things that I think of constantly, especially as I'm designing a custom piece for someone.

I think what it really comes down to is a delicate balance of preference and the present, erring on the side of doing whatever the hell you want.

- H

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