I have only traveled to West Texas and the American Southwest a handful of times, but I have the same thought every time: this land is powerful. There is something still so wild and untamed about these mountains and desert. When I look at the cactus, trees, and sparkly rocks, I can't help but ask myself what they have seen. This ground is haunted and sacred, wild and free, untouchable, despite how hard we may try. 


As I drove through the town of Balmorhea, Texas at sunset, I was captivated by the grayish-blue, dusty pink, and pale yellow of the sunset tucked behind the Davis Mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert. With one hand on the wheel and a brain running on caffiene and nicotine, I drew out this design on a napkin I had in my console, with Greta Van Fleet pushing me onward through the speakers. 




Every piece is made to order.


***Please note: everything is made one-by-one by hand by an individual. Variations in cord, pattern, crystal, color, etc. are to be expected. Exact likeness to any photos cannot, and is not, guaranteed.***

Balmorhea: A Colorful, Geometric Ode to West Texas