Every piece is designed and crafted out of a passion for planet, peace, and people. When I first grew interested in macrame, I learned about its popularity in the 70s. Also popular during that time were spiritual growth, the fight for equality, a booming love for the Earth, and the desire to just vibe with one another. Since then, as I've learned new knots and drawn new patterns, I've done my best to incorporate elements of nature, spirituality, purpose, love, peace, personality, and overall good feels. Below are my favorite pieces, all of which are made to order. Some even offer detailed customization options so that your personality and journey come forth. 
If you'd like to commission a custom piece, just fill out the contact form! Provide as much or little info as you'd like. I'll answer no matter what, so you'll have the chance to talk it out!


One of the most useful macrame designs out there is that of the humble plant hanger. Below are a few select designs to cradle your chloro-friends.  I've also included in the descriptions each plant's care instructions and any spiritual/healing properties! As a practicing herbalist, it's important to me to share the benefits of these natural healers, not just the hangers that hold them!


One of the perks of having a beautiful logo is that it looks great on random things. From tote bags to grinders, you can rep the Wildflowers & Charolais logo without looking like a cheesy paid ambassador.